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The attention to detail on this piece is mind blowing. It looks just like…a 5 year old was playing with his dad’s tattoo machine?

Oh my stars..

Let’s ignore the fact that this appears to be a tramp stamp on a guy..and focus on the beautiful line work, great composition, and..WAIT. It’s a tramp stamp on a guy??

Who’s next?

Ok…one last time: “Your” is a possessive adjective showing ownership. “You’re” is the contraction of “You are”. Remember that kids…before you get the wrong one tattooed on your body.

The Future..

the future belongs to those that can spell!

The Flash..

Doesn’t need a scooter!!

Please Don’t..

You people know these are permanent right? Right??

Loving memory..

Different people grieve in different ways. Unfortunately, some get tattoos done by grammar school dropouts.

Submitted by “Lisa”

Heart Attack

This beauty was submitted by our reader “Charlotte”. Thank you for inflicting this monster on us..

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