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Oh my stars..

Let’s ignore the fact that this appears to be a tramp stamp on a guy..and focus on the beautiful line work, great composition, and..WAIT. It’s a tramp stamp on a guy??

Well technically..

I think that’s what got you into the mess in the first place.

Gucci knock-off

I hope he at least got a free bag out of it..

Bad boy club

With the factory production of Hummers coming to an end, it’s good to know that we’ll still be able to spot the douchebags..

Seeing stars

Well at least she got this piece from her 4 year old kid where no one will really see it. Oh..wait…

The Lord’s Derriere

What, you couldn’t fit the rest of Corinthians on there??

Yeah, but what happens when you go bald?

The irony is that this guy drives a Honda Prelude..

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